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Ethiopia has rich flora and associated indigenous knowledge

  • About 6500 – 7500 vascular plants are known to exist
  • About 12 percent are endemic
  • Ethiopia is centere of origin as well as diversity for major agricultural crops
  • About 9 vegetation types are recognized
  • Many of Ethiopia’s Flora is under threat


  • To See Ethiopia’s Flora Conserved and Sustainably Utilized.


  • Document Ethiopia’s Flora and associated indigenous knowledge
  • Promote Ethiopia’s Flora and associated indigenous knowledge
  • Avail information on Ethiopia’s Flora to researchers, students, scholars and media
  • Create awareness among the policy makers, institutions and the public

ETFLORA is a non-profit making non-governmental website which will be rich source of online information to all interested individuals and institutions. We are a group of professionals in the field of biology, Botanical sciences, Ecology and Computer sciences. We use the internet for the best of Ethiopia’s Plant diversity documentation and conservation. We accept individuals, institutions and all interested parties as members. Membership is free! Submit your articles on the following areas for publication on our website!

  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Biodiversity
  • Tourism
  • Indigenous knowledge




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